How to build a brooder


check out this link, it should be helpful.
How many babies are you going to be brooding? For a quick & easy brooder, all you need is a large Rubbermaid container (roughly the size of a 20-gallon fish tank is a good size for most small batches of babies--you can, in fact, use a fish tank if you have one on hand), a brood lamp (available at most hardware stores--sometimes called "project lamps" or such--they're the ones that take a standard bulb and have a metal "hood" to reflect light downward), bedding, a feeder, and a waterer. Pretty simple.

Either leave the lid off the container or cut the center out and cover it with hardware cloth for ventilation. Secure the lamp so that it shines into one corner of the container. Put down bedding--straw, wood chips, old towels, whatever--you'll soon figure out what you like best. If you use straw, put something on top of it for the first few days (like a towel or rag) to protect their delicate feet. You'll know when they're ready for the straw, because they'll start lying on it instead of the rags wherever there are gaps.

To monitor temps, just watch the babies behavior. If they sleep quietly under the lamp and move freely about the brooder when awake, the temp is right. If they huddle under the lamp peeping loudly, they are too cool and you need to increase the wattage or lower the lamp. If they sleep away from the lamp, are panting or stretching out (away from the lamp), they are too warm and you need to either lower the wattage or raise the lamp higher.

You can buy simple feeders & waterers at the feed store, or make them yourself. A low, shallow container is good for food; water can be served in a shallow dish with rocks to keep them from getting in and drowning.

Good luck!

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