how to build chicken coop guides?

Jerry G

7 Years
May 28, 2012
Just wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions on which guide is the easiest to use and understand when building a quality chicken coop. I have been thinking of ordering the guide of building chicken coops and it claims to be very easy with step by step instructions. Do any of you recommend this guide? I am not really very good at carpentry and need all the help I can get! lol Thanks Jerry
Hi Jerry,

Welcome to the BYC forum.

I looked in your other post at the guide. IMO it looks like there is a lot of material there for the cost. On the other hand, I'm not familiar with their material --and not much of a builder myself. (but I would like to be).

If you get it, and it isn't your cup-of-tea, maybe you could always resell it here in the buy-sell-trade or on eBay. Something else to consider is the guide for dummies -- The founder of BYC forum is one of the authors. I got the raising chickens for dummies and think it is a great book-- here's a link.

As long as you have the essential elements -- your chickens will take care of themselves. (depending of course on your climate.)

Hope this bump may help someone with expertise in this diy series chime in.
Thanks for the info! I am pretty much new to this but really want to do this. I am more then likely going to order the book and try it out! I am not much of a carpenter but I do know someone that may be able to help me out! The book does guarantee it to be easy for just about anyone to build that they will give you your money back if not satisfied. I think I am looking to build a medium sized coop and they have the plans for small to medium to large. Its nice also having this web site to help me along while I go into this new venture. I have never done this , but when i was a kid my parents had fifteen ducks and a coop my dad built for them.So , I guess I have kind of missed that and that may be why I am all of a sudden wanting to do this and also to do this with my boys would be a valuable learning experience and a chance for us to do something together. Thanks for the reply and lets keep in touch because I may have plenty of questions! lol Thanks Jerry

you will love chickens, and it is a good thing for your boys too.

I think that you will be surprised how much you will learn sooo fast---just hanging out on BYC forum. Definitely--- keep up the postings so your chicken adventure is recorded here! Best of luck with the building project!
Thanks!!! And I will be sure to keep you up to date ! I look forward to the help that you and this forum can give me on my difficult task of building a coop! lol Just kidding , but its nice to know that I do have good resources to help me through it!

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