how to buy from a hatchery!???


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Nov 10, 2012
I'm looking to buy 3 red sexed links chicks. However, all the hatcheries require a 25 min! Do I buy 25 and sell of the rest, or what? I'm so confused! I can't have 25 chicks lol. Thanks


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You may want to check out 'my pet chicken' it's a byc sponsor btw.

Although I haven't bought chicks or eggs from them, everything else I have gotten has been excellent. They have tons of educational materials too. I think that they have a minimum of chicks (6-maybe?) And that minimum is needed so that the chicks keep each other warm during shipping.

Good luck with your chicks!

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My Pet Chicken merely orders for you. They aren't a hatchery. In many cases, they use Meyers Hatchery in Ohio. You can order small numbers from Meyers yourself. Compute the potential cost in making the purchase either way. See which way may save you a few dollars.

Small orders are expensive, on a "per bird" basis.

To save money, lots of folks just pick up chicks at their local feed store, TSC, etc, who also get their chicks from hatcheries.
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