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    I have noticed a chicken on the loose in a field near my home. Does anyone have tips to share on how I might capture it. I believe it's an Americauna or EE. It's pretty skittish--when approached and always keeps a distance or disappears into the trees and brush. Amazingly, I have seen it on the corner of a very congested and busy intersection picking up grit from the road seemingly unaware of the traffic. I would like to capture her before winter gets here--gets pretty brutal in Michigan in winter.
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    Cage with food possibly? No real clue but i bet he/ she straving.
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    Sep 10, 2015
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    Wait till dark. It will be much easier.
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    Yes it will be easier after dark if you know where she's roosting. Take a towel to pick her up and wrap around her to keep her from flapping and you from getting scratched when she panics. This might sound mean, but if you shine a bright light in her eyes she can't see and you can easily get her.
    Oh, and if you have an existing flock you should probably quarantine her for a month in case she has any diseases. It seems like a long time, but better safe than sorry. You wouldn't want to lose your whole flock.
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