How to care for a wound on the neck of a chicken?


8 Years
Feb 19, 2011
Massachusetts, USA
My son accidently stepped on this 6 week chick. It a favorite with a misformed beak and so we give it a lot of extra attention and she likes to ride on our shoulders, eats in the kitchen from a special bowl, etc. She rules the house.

DH said the neck skin split about 1 inch but did not bleed. He put on medical tape to help but with all the feathers I don't see how that can work.

Can I clean the would with diluted betadine scrub and keep it moist with bacatracin ointment?

My first chicken booboo!
Skin glue works pretty well, or you can just leave it open and it will most likely heal fine. The dilute Betadine and Bacitracin are fine, too. Really, any common sense human first aid is fine, whatever you use.

Except -- never put anything on a chicken that has a "caine" drug in it, like cetacaine, benzocaine, etc. Chickens are extremely sensitive to this group of drugs and can die from a seemingly small dose.
Thank ddawn. That's what I used, my commonsense obtained from 20 plus years of owning horses, sheep , dogs, cats, rabbits, kids . . . . .

Great to know about the 'caine family, As it is so readily available OTC. Helps me get splinters out of kids hands or feet with fewer tears!

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