How to catch a pheasant?

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    I have 7 juvenile pheasants. I have them in what I consider a temporary pen until they are sexed to go into permanent pens. One I am sure is a male is a great escapee. After the first time and we caught him I started on new predator secure pens and started looking for a game bird net to help in event of another escape. So second escape I managed to catch him and found his escape spot and fixed it. Now I'm at third escape and no idea where he got out. There is no place locally that carries game bird nets so I'm looking for suggestions on how to catch him. He is hanging with the free ranging chickens at the moment but goes back to his pen and sits outside the fence right next to the other pheasants.
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    Jun 17, 2011
    I would wait until it is night time because they are less active then. If you get a fishing net you should be able to get him.
    Good Luck
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    I put up some bird netting across his favorite escape path, chased him in and grabbed him by the feet. Hopefully I have found all of his escape spots and he will stay until his new pen is ready.

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