How to check for mites

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    I purchased two new birds last saturday and I want to give them both a good going over today. How do I check them for mites and other possible illnesses? I want to make sure they are healthy before I move them in with my established flock at the end of the month. Thier dropping were kinda watery the first day I had them but now it looks completely normal. Could that have been from the stress of moving? Thanks a bunches!

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    First, yes the watery droppings good have just been from stress or a change in feed.

    There are 2 ways to check for external parasites.
    1. simply the visual check. Check in the fluffy feathers below the vent, in and around the tail, under the wings, and around the head. Part the feathers till you see skin and watch for a speck to move. Check the feathers in these areas for any egg deposits at the base of the feathers. Those would be lice eggs.

    2. For those without the best eye site, you can use a white towel. Place the bird in the towel and give it a good rub. Open the towel, remove the bird, and see if anything is moving.

    Even if you see nothing, I would still give the bird a good dusting before the end of its quarenteen period.


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