How to check for pests

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    Jul 14, 2012
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    What is the best way to hold a chicken while inspecting for pests? My girls were all about being handled while in the brooder, but now they are outside in their coop / run, they want nothing to do with being held. They're just 6 weeks old now but guessing it isn't too soon to check for pests?? Are the mites a lot like fleas, worse in the summer or does it not matter?
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    If you are really struggling to catch them then wait until they are roosting at bed time. If you are struggling to hold them, have a friend support their chest - the hard boney part where they roost. If they are supported there, they feel calm. Rotate them slightly to the side and lift up one wing at and time and look through their feathers all the way to their skin in their armpit-ish area. Do NOT hold them so that their head is lower than their body - they will throw up. Look at their feet and about their vent really well also.

    They are more compliant when they are sleepy.

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