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math ace

10 Years
Dec 17, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
I am ready to start incubating some eggs, but I don't know how to go about collecting and storing the eggs until I have enough to incubate.

I get 2 - 3 eggs a day of the breed I want to hatch.

How long can I collect before they need to go in the incubator.

I live in Florida. Our temps this week are high 80 and low 60.
In my house it is 78 F.

How do I store the eggs - - where can I store them ? ? In the refrigerator, on the counter, . . ?

HELP, I've never done this before!
Here is how I did it, I collected the eggs I wanted then checked those eggs over if they where dirty or odd shaped I treated them like any other eggs, but if they were "perfect" I set them in a basket in a cool, dry section of our kitchen and when I got the right # I checked them again for any flaws. And the "perfect" ones get incubated.

How long can I collect before they need to go in the incubator.

From my understanding hatching rate goes down after about two weeks, but sooner is better.​
I'm in fl too and I just stick mine in an egg carton in the closet until I finish collecting for 7 days. Then they go in the bator.
I did try putting 7 in the bator once from a young bcm pullet that had been in the fridge door for several days. I let them sit for about 8 hrs to get back up to room temperature. 5 out of 7 hatched. I think if you had a wine cooler and put a dish of water in the bottom it would be about perfect to store them in but I haven't gotten one yet.
Thanks everyone. I've started collecting. Our temps outside are going down to the mid 50s at night. By 8 tonight it was 65F outside. So, I am storing them in our garage since it is colder than my house. Also, am turning them a few times a day.

If you have any other advice - - send it my way.
Good question. For lack of a place to put them, I just keep adding them to the bator. I have staggered hatches that way. Maybe I'll try the fridge.

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