How to control free range chickens

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by grammy2903, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. grammy2903

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    Jan 14, 2009
    [​IMG]I am new and know I should not to start with I need help - but I really do need help. I live in a very remote area in the mountains of West Virginia. My neighbor (sister-in-law) has free range chickens who will not stay away from my flowers and vegetable gardens. I do not want to harm the chickens in any way and because my neighbor and I have not come to terms with this problem I am at a loss on how to deal with this. I need to know if there is anything that I could put around my land to keep the chickens away but not harm them or my two old dogs (which I have keep from the chickens). I am not rich enough to fence my land or that would have been a done deal and life would be easy but as it is I need an alternative solution. Thanks for any information on this problem. grammy2903
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    Dec 3, 2008
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    Have you thought about chicken wire? - its usually not TOO expensive and would possibly keep them out.
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    We put chicken wire around our raspberries so the chickens couldn't get in and scratch them up.
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    Lowes has some plastic avian netting that is cheap. it looks like plastic chicken wire. Tell your neighbor to purchase it for you or you might invite them over for a nice chicken dinner.
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    Jan 3, 2009
    Your 'neighbor' needs to keep their chickens off your property and out of the way of your dogs. Why do you have to suffer with their problem? They are being a bad neighbor and poor caretaker of their chickens. I agree that chicken dinner with your sister-in-law might be a good thing.[​IMG]
    If you're gonna put up something, the owner of the problem should at least be financially responsible to buy the supplies even if you're willing to do the work.
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    If I was your neighbor and my chickens were an issue. I would want you to come tell me.

    I have a few hound dogs that i keep in a kennel in a fenced yard so they don't create problems for others.

    I am in the planning stages now of constructing a chicken coop and want to be sure I am not impacting anyone else by having a few birds.

    However, my neighbor down the road likes to rescue every stray cat she can find. They sit under my wife bird feeders and wait for their next meal.

    Some people don't care and other just may not know they are creating problems for their neighbors.

    Invite her for coffee and discuss it. If that doesn't work invite her for chicken and dumplings.

  7. HennysMom

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    I wouldnt spend one bit of my own money to keep someone else's animals out of MY property...

    time to have a chat with SIL/neighbor I think - do it tactfully but in a stern way and remind her that they are her chickens....therefore her responsibility.

    Sounds like someone is taking advantage that you are "related"...
  8. I'M On Island Time

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    Chicken wire works well, or even those little wire arched borders. I have found that even a small deterrent will keep the chickens away if they have other places to roam.

    It is easier to keep chickens out than in, so fencing off areas you do not want them to go is more effective than keeping them locked in areas you want them to stay.

    Good luck. Just tell your sister-in-law she better give you a steady supply of eggs every week for your troubles!!!

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