How to control squash bugs

Look for some Spinosad, organic product kills them good and also works great on fleas for the others pets, same ingredient in some of the month long tablets for dogs.. I buy mine on Amazon.
OK i just looked them up. ya i have them every year , i use triaziocide. its kind of pricey but kills all kinds of bugs on contact and stays on your plants for a long time but will not hurt them. my dogs and cats will not eat anything that i spray it on but since chickens don't really taste that good I'm unsure about them. also if you have a kind of respiratory illness use a mask. i have to use a mask or it causes uncontrollable sneezing and shortness of breath. it also work great for ants, aphids, and spider mites. Also if your going for a organic garden then this is not the thing you want to use, try planting something they really like and it will draw them away from your plants that you want to keep. Praying mantes are great for bug control. you can buy egg sacks at any type of garden center. Or if you have home depot were you are at they sell them also.( I have been gardening for over 30yrs and love it. just planted 16 pumpkin mounds today.)
It scares me to put something on my plants that I can hardly breathe in. No offense. Maybe I should let the chickens out. I appreciate all of you answering my question.

no offense taken. just to let you know 7 dust is a very bad pesticide, it does not decompose and does not really work that good. It can cause seizures and heart failure. ( so i have read ). Also it does not decompose. EVER. Does anyone know if Diatomaceous Earth works? I have read how this kills anything with an exoskeleton and it is completely organic.

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Yikes. I did not know that 7 dust was that bad for you. My mother is 84 and she has used it all of her life. I have also heard about diatomaceous earth. Maybe I should consider that route. Thank you for your help.

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