How to cut the cost of feeding chickens?

Florida Bullfrog

May 14, 2019
North Florida
I have 58 adult birds free ranging. My farm is 40 acres but the chickens only utilize a couple of acres most of the time. I am in North Florida which means I can get freezes in the teens but generally the winters are mild and insect and plant life is never totally snuffed out.

My feed bill per month for the 58 is $32 from Tractor Supply, which I make back selling an order and a half of hatching eggs.

3.8lbs of food a day in the winter. 1/3 layer crumbles, 1/3 cracked corn, 1/3 all purpose sweet feed pellets.


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Dec 10, 2020
Chandler, Arizona
I have over thirty chickens and have been feeding them organic their entire lives. Organic is a little more expensive than regular, but for health, it is so much better for you. I used to buy organic pellets for my chickens at Tractor Supply, but then I found out that it was significantly cheaper and healthier to mix up your own feed and ferment it. Ever since then I have been making this recipe: Our chickens love it! I hope this helps :)
This is great and thanks!

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