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Jul 5, 2012
a few years ago I was losing chickens one right after another. I sent a dead bird in to be tested and he had cocci. I treated the birds and cleaned the run and coop. But it seems every season when I add new birds I always end up losing one or two. Should I treat them with meds before adding them to the coop? I always do a through cleaning before adding new ones. I just don't want to keep losing birds that I've grown to love. Help!
You should quarantine any new birds for a month before adding to your flock. Check them over & observe for any illnesses or parasites, separated you can treat & not put your flock in danger.
As for chicks, no do not treat before they become sick.
The coop they live in has the cocy oosyt and they will come.
Generally the ooyst live were it is wet.
What I always did was put a piece of plywood 2ft by 3ft under,
the water and the water will soak in to the wood.
instead of wet bedding, which I one of their hiding places.
Watch every day a couple times a day:
They have coccidiosis.
immediately put corid 9.6%= 2 tsp per gallon of drinking water for 5-7 days.
When done medicating put 2 tsp of Bragg's unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinage per gallon of water.
Also do not feed medicated feed if you can still find it.
Some feed stores logged up on it when the government banned medicated chick fed.
But do buy good brand of chick starter like Purina.
Also check thedays as the vitamins will be dgone in it.ate on the tag of chick starter so as not to buy any that has a date of over 30 days.
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Thank you. I should have mentioned the new chickens I am adding are ones that I raised from chicks in the grow out pen. But when I add them to the coop and run where my existing chickens are I always end up losing one or two. I clean the coop and run often. It does get wet in there when it rains hard. I have a roof over the run but the water blows in or runs down the hill and soaks it. I just want to know the best defense so I don't continue to lose birds. Should I put a little of the run dirt in with them in the grow out pen so they can build up a defense?
Well the rain comeing in posses a direct problem to the health of the chickens.
Does it happen quite often?
How old and hot wet doe the chicks get when this happens?
Is there no way you can make a dry secure place?
How do you keep predators out of the pen is it has open sides on the pen?
with all that said I guess you just have to wait till they get coccidiosis.
What you have to do is observethe chicks daily.
If any are off to one side with ruffled feathers then you give the Corrid 9.6% at 2 tsp per gallon of water..
Put the Corrid in the water for 7 days as only drinking solution.
You can try the dirt thing and see what happens.

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