How to dry things?? Advice needed

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    I have a water bed. I love my water bed and will not give it up! But, after five years she finally sprang a leak. Pinprick, but we just discovered it and it looks like it might have been leaking for a few days. I repaired the leak - easy enough. But, the mattress pad is a surround sheath type. To get it off and let it air dry means taking it off the mattress. It smells mildewy.

    If DH were around this would not be too bad, but I am not expecting him till Sunday. Any thoughts?

    I don't want to spray Lysol on it it'll eat the vinyl.
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    Nov 20, 2009
    Baking soda should help dry it up and remove some of the odor without doing any damage. You will need to pull the pad though to get it to completely dry and then treat with mildew killer.
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    So can you take the sheath off or does it go all the way around and under the water mattress?

    Or is it more like a fitted sheet?

    If you can take it off, I would use just some soap and water to scrub it. I am thinking it would react the way my children's vinyl mattress covers do. Or maybe you can do this to just the top.

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