how to encurage quail to go broody

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  1. quailguy

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    May 31, 2011
    is there anyway to make my bobwhites go broody like make their aviary look more natural or give them more space?i have 6 bobwhite quail 3 males 3 females in a 4' by 6' aviary they dont fight and they get along
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    Jul 22, 2010
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    Might wanna scroll down & ask the quail folks. Your asking a bunch of chicken gurus.
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    Quote:You can't make quail go broody. It has to come naturally. You can spice up your aviary all you want, and it will probably never happen. Quail rarely if ever go broody. They have lost that part of the gene or even as JJ in the quail section has said, they just don't want to go broody in captivity. In the wild, quail can have an acre of more of territory in which to raise their young. A small aviary is never going to be enough for them. The incubator is your best friend. [​IMG]

    Edit to add: How old are your Bobwhites? It is rare that Bob's will get along during breeding season. Normally they fight like cats and dogs and many times ends up in blood shed. I have kept Bob's for 5 years and I have never had a mature mating pair get along with any of the others. If they are younger than one year, they will tolerate each other for now. But come next breeding season, I would be very surprised if they are getting along so well.
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  4. Grey and green feathers

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    Jun 6, 2011
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    I had my first and only pair of bobwhites go broody in a 40 square foot cage woth a pair of gambels... In their first year. Twice and i even pushed her off and took her eggs daily. She still sat on a rock in her nest and attacked my hand and sat like it would come of anything. That pair wasnt even fertile but she sure wanted to be a mom... And a good mom she would have been. Its just up to the bird. I Hope the guy i sold her to appreciates the rarity of a broody bob pair
  5. BaJa

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    Aug 2, 2017
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    bobwhites CAN go broody in a large and natural aviary. last year, they made their own nest and hatched a whole whack of chicks. unfortunately, that pair died and now their son is sitting on about 17 eggs for days already. he attacks me if I get close, then runs back to his nest. he only comes of to feed for a few minutes every day.
  6. MageofMist

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    Dec 9, 2016
    I have painted quail, which are different, but what I do is that I provide extra hay near their nestboxes and a little moss from the garden for them to spice up their nests with and get more cozier in them. Still, sometimes mine go broody even when I don't intend for them, so mine aren't the best example.

    One rolled the eggs into an empty nestbox with a very thin 'carpet' of hay on the floor from being dragged in by the quail walking in and out of it, and tried to go broody. She is a young hen who's still living with her parents and I already have eggs in the incubator, so I braved my hand into her 'cave' and took the eggs out from under her, much to her dismay and she angrily chattered at me at first before quickly getting over it.

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