how to fatten a baby chick in 6 weeks


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May 15, 2012
what else can I feed them to give them protien because I am doing a thang for the fair this year. I will have 12 chickens my goal is to fatten them all up and pick the 3 biggest ones and take them to the fair the reason I am doing this now is because want yalls addvice
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. There are certain treats like mealworms that are full of protein which should help fatten them up. However, please be aware too much rapid weight gain is not a good thing for their health
Are you talking about Cornish Cross or regular chickens, are you wanting to fatten them up or bulk them up (add more meat to there bones)?

I realy dont know yet because i have not received them yet. i will get them in august 6 weeks before the fair. this is for ffa
They'll be cornish cross, the popular meat bird. You'll want to start on a high protein starter. Look around the meat bird thread for tips on raising meat bird chicks.

I'm thinking you'll also want someplace to tractor or free range them so they have nicer feathering, esp on the chest and belly.

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