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10 Years
Aug 23, 2009
White Pine
Hi everyone I have a 5 day old bantam Jap chick.. She is the only one that hatched out and she is my first. I'am not sure she is eatting what can I do for her??
thank you!!
Did you take her to the food and dip her beak in it? That is usually all it takes to get them to eat. Also check her crop to see if there is food in there. Do the same with the water. 5 days old and still alive? I would say it is probably eating:)
Oh and sometimes spreading the food on the bottom (if it's not a grate) will help as they love to just peck at stuff on the ground.
Thank yoiu so much there is alot air in her crop but no food .. I make sure she drinks everyday but I can't with the food but I will keep trying.. Ty

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