How to find a veterinarian?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Rustic Chicken, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Jun 2, 2010
    In order to be proactive, I have been trying to find a veterinarian who will make how calls for the girls (heaven forbid the need should ever arise). We use a vet for our 5 dogs who is in another town and cannot travel to our home to provide services. Who knew it would be so hard to find a vet that would make house calls for small livestock. Any thoughts on how to find my own Dr. Herriott?
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    I had good luck by asking neighbors who had lived in the area longer than we had. If you have any neighbors with big farm animals all the better - large animal vets virtually always make housecalls, though it may cost you a pretty penny!
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    Your problem isn't likely to be finding one who does housecalls, it's going to be finding one who does POULTRY. Good luck!

    If you are already a client of a small-animal vet -- for your cats, dogs, whatever -- sometimes they can be talked into seeing a sick chicken. (Or sometimes not). Generally they do it just for the novelty value and to be nice to an existing client. They don't generally know much about chickens though so do not be holdin' your breath for miracles. You will have to pop the chicken into a pet carrier or cardboard box and take it TO the vet's office, though; there are next to no small-animal vets who do house calls at ALL, let alone for chickens!! [​IMG]

    Otherwise, a large-animal vet (the kind who goes around to farms and does cows, horses, etc) can sometimes be talked into seeing a chicken, often by having you bring the chicken to their office before or after their normal daily round of farm visits. I suppose there may exist, somewhere, a large animal vet who would actually do a farm call FOR a chicken, but I would not hold my breath for one to exist in your area and it'd be a rather pointlessly expensive farm call when you consider the easy portability of chickens [​IMG] Again, large animal vets are likely not to know much about chickens, and if they DO have some poultry experience it is still quite likely not to be of much use to YOU because poultry vet practice is largely limited to advising a farmer whether they need to kill all the birds on the farm and how long it'll be before they can start a new batch. Which is probably not YOUR attitude towards your chickens [​IMG]

    Peoples' best luck seems to come from finding an avian vet -- one who specializes in pet birds such as parrots. These do not exist in all areas, and not all of them will see chickens. But you can try.

    Largely, though, chicken health care is up to YOU, not something you are likely to be able to rely on a vet for.

    Good luck, have fun,


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    Jan 14, 2008
    When I still had sheep I veery occasionally needed a vet to come to the farm. It was $100 for them to show up + the cost of whatever they did. How valuable are your chickens?

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