How to for turkeys?


7 Years
Apr 24, 2012
Can someone post what they consider a good step by step method for processing turkey.
A link, video or whatever will work.
Anything with great detail suitable to a newbie.

Also if you could let me know how long it took you the first time?

Thank you
It is the same exact process as with a chicken, it's just a larger carcass. Check out the stickies at the top of the section (notable archives) for step-by-step posts about processing a chicken. My favorite is this one:

The amount of time it takes depends on how big the bird is and how fast you are at plucking. Plucking is by far the most time consuming part of the whole affair.
Actually, it is easier. The body cavity is bigger and so it is easier to gut them.

You will want a table to work on, to support their weight, so you will have both hands free to work on them.

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