How to get a chicken broody?

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    So I have a BO and bantam Cochin that I'm hoping at some time will go broody. I know they "will go broody when they want to." But does that mean I have to leave the eggs in there to tempt her or can I keep collecting them like I do now and then put them back once she gets to sitting? [​IMG]

    Personally I don't want them to hatch any of their own I want them to hatch my EE/EE eggs for practice then on round 2 I'll order some Marans eggs to slid under her.
    I have golfballs in the nests, 1 per nest but would that be enough or do I need to have the eggs left in the nest?

    any and all thoughts VERY welcome [​IMG]

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    Just collect your eggs like always, and when she get broody there are a lot of signs for you to notice, then you can put any fertelized egg under her and she will take care of them, BTW it is better ifshe goes broody in spring, because in winter she might has troble with the cold weather.
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    First off, I agree with the previous post that you might want to wait a bit for warmer weather - depends on your coop and climate, etc.
    When you're ready to go for it, I leave 3 or 4 ceramic eggs (golf balls will probably be fine) in one nest. That seems to trigger something in them. Then, when one of your girls goes broody she'll sit on those more and more each day. I'd let her sit for a week or so to see if she's really committed. If she is, wait until night, then pull a switch on her with the eggs you want hatched. Night is also a good time to move her to a dedicated broody box so other hens don't get into her nest and cause trouble.

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