How to get a older chicken to like you

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    Sep 6, 2012
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    I have three 4 month old aster eggers that I love . I keep reading about all these people who have chickens who hop up in there lap to cuddle . I have always held mine since day one and they used to be all cuddly but since I put them out side they run away and are very apprehensive of me even when I have food in my hands :( .any ideas on how to make the, cuddly

  2. gmendoza

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    bribe with mealyworms,or crickets.

    'the way to a chickens heart is thru their stomach...not a knife." [​IMG]
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    May 27, 2012
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    TREATS [​IMG] yes they LOVE[​IMG] meal worms.Mine come running whenever I go visit them, their beggars.
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    Treats. They will get better when they start to lay. A chicken is not a cat or a dog. One should never force a chicken to cuddle. However, if one asks to be cuddled, go for it. :) The only bird that asks to be cuddled is my wild turkey hen Betty... [​IMG]
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    sunflower seeds! I let my girls out late afternoon to have some free range time before dark and they have figured out the "schedule" they now follow me to the shed near the coop because they know I am going for the treats! Some still eat out of my hand and they are over a year old now...even the ducks are getting in on the action, they head around the house from the pond to the coops at about 4 pm because they know it's treat time. Then they sit out there and quack for me! (they prefer the mealworms)

    Let them come to you, they will figure out that you are the treat giver!

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