how to get baby under silkie? or eggs?


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Jan 8, 2010
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i have a silkie that has gone broody on non existent eggs. so i had a hatch yesterday from my incubator and have been thinking of placing a chick under her to help break her brood, but i have no idea how to do this? and what to do to make sure she doesnt reject the baby and i end up with a injured or dead chick. or i could give her on of my other eggs that are in the incubator due to hatch next week? would this work or would this in some way hurt the egg thats being incubated in the bator to be moved like that? or another possibility would be for me to give her some eggs that are suppose to come in the mail tomorrow, but with shipped eggs you never sure how those will turn out and i think it would drive me insane not to be able to see the eggs and candle them and such ( i guess i'm a little control freak with my eggs who knew
) any thought, suggestions would be appreciated. thanks
I had a brrody silkie that hatched 2 eggs. I then had eggs in the bator that hatched 3 new little ones about 2 weeks later. I took them to the broody hen and she took them right in with no problems at all. I did do it at night. I introduced the babies right in front of her and she just took her beak and nudged them to go under her to keep them warm. Silkies make excellent moms. I would just watch how she reacts to them initially for a little bit and if she takes them "under her wing"
I wouldn't worry.
thanks i'm just so worried about the little guys and i would hate to do some thing that end up hurting them.
oh new question will it be too cold out for the chick? its getting into the low 50's at night and she has chosen to put her nest right at the door? do i need to place some kind of heat source out with them?
i have 3 right now but really was only think of placing 1 but now that i think of it maybe i should give her from the hatch next week because i have 17 eggs that should hatch then and i could give her more than one to raise then.
well as long as the babies are under Mom for the night, they will stay at a steady temperature of around 95 degrees! i should know, i did this myself in the early spring with my silkie hen (she went broody on a bunch of dud eggs, so i slipped 3 babies from the feed store under her at night, and she took to them right away!) good luck!
My little mom has been keeping her chicks in the coop and I also have an insulated doghouse inside the coop where she takes them at night. She has been keeping them plenty warm at nights and last night it got down to 36 here! Yikes. She does take them out of the coop during the day. My coop is a converted stall in the barn so even out of the coop, they are in a covered area. She only has taken them a few feet outside of the barn.
I did see you said by the door, is she outside, in an open area? If so, I would try to get her inside the coop with the chicks. One it would be warmer at night and also there are many predators that would be able to get the little ones.
I hope this helps!
she is in the coop but right at the chicken door in the corner. i have tried to get her to go in the nest box on golf balls but she was having none of that. they have a run that has hardwire all around it, she shares the coop with one other silkie hen of the same age. how would i get her to move with the chicks?
my silkies will take new chicks broody or not. when there not broody they look at them in a funny way then after a few mins, mother instink kicks in and they take care of them...... oh just pick up her and the chicks and move them. be careful there is nothing meaner than a mad silkie moma. well guineas dont count. mail and female will attack ya......
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