How to get my chickens to leave their coop?

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    Aug 27, 2010
    I am very new to backyard chickenry. I just got some 'ready to lay' chickens (20 weeks old). They came from a local hatchery. I built them a coop and read on a website that when you get the chickens to keep them in the coop for the first 3-4 days and that is how they learn that is their home.

    Then I opened their door to the closed in outdoor run and they don't go out. So after a few hours I went in a put them through the hole. They stayed outside all day as I closed the door behind them to keep them outside to get use to that.

    But they still do not go outside? Should I just wait awhile and see if they go out? Have people used treats for this and what do you use? Should I continue to put them outside or does this spook them too much then they won't want to go out??

    Any help for this newbie would be appreciated!! Thanks [​IMG]
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    Jun 10, 2010
    It has taken 10 days for my chickens to voluntarily leave the coop. Now they can't get enough bugs! They nearly mow me down when I open the door in the morning. Give it a few days.
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    Chickens don't like anything new. It takes them a while to get the courage up to try anything new. When I think mine are old enough to go outside, I just open the pop door and leave them alone. I have had some that the first one would be outside within a half hour. I've had some broods that it too them two days for the first one to build up the courage to go outside, and then, they would not venture very far from the door for a long time. Eventually they all learn to go outside. I don't know where it hurts them at all to learn on their own instead of forcing them.

    You can put some treats in the run if you want to to try to tempt them into going outside. I personally don't worry about it.

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