How to get ready for winter.


May 2, 2019
Indianapolis Indiana
This will be my first winter with ducks. I only have two. Unfortunately they are both boys. Unfortunately I didn't get any eggs, Unfortunately I thought they were Mallards and fly south, Unfortunately these $4 ducks at Fleet supplies have become expensive pets.
Non the less they are so happy, affectionate and funny little creatures, Everyday they make me smile.
I live in Indiana. I have no electricity to the coop, I use solar to keep a motion detector security light on them.
Any ideas on keeping them warm, their water from freezing and is there a different feed for winter or stick with the corn feed.
Their coop has sand on the 1st floor, Tyvek floor with Aspen shavings on the second. The whole this is surrounded by a solar electric fence that provides protection at night and them to walk on a mulched area during the day.
How's that solar going to work in winter with snow or less sunlight? things to take into consideration.

A heavy bedded house will be fine with out heat . as long as it's ventilated and doesn't have strong winds blowing into it. During the day they may hunker down under neither so maybe put up wind block on the side the wind comes through the strongest.

All flock feed can be fed year round with some corn in late afternoon to help keep them warm over night it shouldn't be a sole feed. I use heated water buckets from TSC. many places sell them even Amazon. They need to have fresh water all through the day to be able to eat properly. I love your set up. Maybe if you haven't put some kind of strong netting or tarping and secure down so nothing climbs or flies in. Predators go to great lengths especially in winter when their normal prey is hunkered down an not available.
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I use heated dog bowls in the winter for my flock. Ducks are supposed to be more resistant to cold than chickens, so if you have a thick layer of bedding and protection from drafts you should be good. I build our coops with insulating material so they protect from heat and cold. I also use clear plastic material around the run in winter.

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