How to get rid of cats please please help


9 Years
Jul 2, 2014
Does anyone know any ways to get rid of cats Very stupid cat killed Rhonda the hopping mouse and Charlie made mall and Kim the lorikeets fly away and gave Lola the budgie a stress Atack.
I have had success with water guns but had a few that didn't respect that so when they got in the run I trapped them in and got my bf to tinkle in a water bottle and poked a hole in the top and douced them with it. Needless to say it worke like a charm :) think about it. Cats Mark there territory with there pee so I kinda did that. Also air soft or bebe guns if you can't get close enough. Enough to hurt but not injur or kill them.
If feral, then I would should them. Around here bobcats appear to be the biggest controller of feral cats. Reducing the cat numbers is usually good for wildlife.
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we have dogs. that keeps them away.
Ive heard this kind of fence will help keep them in. Turned around it should help keep them out. (I am not saying you should buy this fence it is just for the pic to see it.)

if the fence curves toward them they don't think they can jump it. Not sure if you can do something like this to help. Your post didn't say what you were trying to keep them out of.

another option may be a motion detecting sprinkler. look up a scarecrow sprinkler.

hope this helps.
Try the pee thing but instead of spraying them maybe sprinkle it around where the chickens are. It's basicly marking your territory
Urine doesnt work for anything, just gives you a stinky backyard. Have a heart trap them and take them to the SPCA or another animal shelter, or find a local farm thats looking for strays to help control rodent problems.
The lots of animal shelters including the spca actualy puts down a lot of animals. Hence why I never catch and bring them there. The pee is harmless and I can't guarantee it but I can speak from experience and it has worked for me.

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