They may be beautiful and I have nothing against them in general. But they only want one thing from you - maintain the chicken buffet.

I know a simple method of trapping them... but then what?

What's part two of your plan?
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I put netting over top our run. Just don't offer them an easy meal. It is against the law to trap/kill a hawk so I hear. I understand your frustration as we lost alot two years ago to hawks so we fenced them in and put netting over top and now hawks have moved farther away but see them now and then.Good luck!
Good point, you cant relocate a hawk just bury them deep!
I have been told that mirrors and other shiny things reflecting light skyward is a repellant. I threw a bunch of old CDs on top of the netting in my run for that reason.

Having plenty of places where the chickens can take cover is also helpful. Hopefully your roos will spot the hawks and sound the alarm before it's too late.

A tom turkey is supposed to be helpful too. But if you free range chickens at least around here, losing an occasional chicken to a hawk is probably unavoidable. The key is to make your chickens one of the more difficult meals in the neighborhood.
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