How to get rid of moths in feed?


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Apr 26, 2011
Just discovered today, we have moths taking over some of our animal feed. It is a 40lb bag so, we do not want to toss it. Any suggestions? Should we worry or just go ahead and consider them protein and use the feed? We have put all feed into large plastic garbage cans and put lids on them to stop anymore from getting in.

Thanks for suggestions in advance!

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Sep 9, 2009
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Sounds like extra protein to me - as long as there are no pesticides invovled.

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Aug 13, 2007
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How long will it take you to use up that feed?

If it's only a few days to a week then just feed it out until it's gone.

Otherwise you'll need to take steps. Because they are breeding the whole time and will cause you problems in your other feed later.

Left to breed uncontrolled over a period of a couple of weeks or more they can ruin your feed.

You could try breaking it down into five pound amounts and running them through a deep freezer. About two days per package would suffice.

Or if you have a local source for dry ice buy about a half-pound and put it in the bottom of the feed in the plastic can. Let the ice sublimate into carbon dioxide gas inside the can which will asphyxiate the moths and their larvae. Put the ice in, pour the feed on top of it, then put the lid on and leave it alone until the next day. If you have other feed in storage containers do the same thing for all of them because the moth infestation may have spread by now. Use plenty, dry ice is cheap.


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Feb 19, 2011
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Also, think ahead to your next bag. If you have moths now, you will have them in the future too.

Some solutions are meant to keep the numbers at a reasonable level; other measures, require more effort to completely eliminate the problem and requires a constant vigilance. The moths are very tiny and can get in almost anywhere and the larvae stage can chew thru plastic bags. Perhaps, if you have freezer space, divide the 40 pound bag of feed into smaller portions and keep it in the freezer or rotate as needed. OVerall, they are good protein for the birds; there's just the possibility of the moths raiding your food stuffs, too.

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