How to get rid of squirrels


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Mar 11, 2011
Western Massachusetts
I have at least five squirrels nesting in trees surrounding my yard (suburban area) and they are really losing their fear of man. Even though I throw something at them every time I see them they don't care.

The other day I was working on a chicken feeder and had it on a workbench outside my garage and I was les than 10ft away and a squirrel climbed right up and began eating the feed. He didn't even run when I shouted. I had to actually go at him and throw something. Even then he did not go far.

Killing is difficult because of very close neighbors

I don't have a trap

I need suggestions that are safe for my girls but will rid me of these tree rats.

If need be I will find a way to kill them but I don't want to. My wife would not like that at all.

And we all know...when Momma is happy everyone is happy.
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I would trap and kill. I just found one in a 1089 havahart.Another option is the squirrel-nator(sp) trap. That one has been slow going for me,but it does catch them too.Trap and kill is the only option unless you want to trap and relocate.

Last option beside not putting out food that they go for is to actually create a buffet table for them out in the open where hopefully a hawk will pick them off. I have used all options and have been able to steadily decrease their numbers. If shooting is not an option then drowned or gas in private.No dispatch method should be used within view of anyone,because legal or not people get upset.
leaning pole/running pole, picture hanging wire snares and peanuts google "snaring red squierls "

sorry for the spelling my dylexia is getting worse
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That and squirrel pot-pie.

I like fried squirrel. Do agree, be frugal, green, don't waste them, eat them........You are doing a good environmental friendly thing.

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