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Mar 23, 2010
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OK, so I spoke with the town clerk, very nice lady BTW. She seemed on board with the change of ordinance. I got the name of my particular councilman as well as the Mayor. I have a copy of Providence's recent ordinance change as well.
So how do I approach the council members and mayor initially? What do I state in the initial email? I want to do this right and I want to do this soon. Providence recently got their change and I want to ride the wave on this one.

BTW, if you were part of the Providence group, please PM me.


Well, I went to the Animal Control office today and spoke with the head ACO. He seems on board and just wants to make sure the ordinance change includes remedies for him to handle nuisance calls and issuing fines. Very nice guy BTW. Next step, work up a draft of the change and have him look it over before sending things off to the town council members for sponsorship.
Thanks for keeping us updated. I am glad to hear they seem to be so supportive. Lets us know when you have an update.
I live in Providence, but I run a business in East Providence. I find the council there to be very friendly and reasonable, so I don't think you will have a problem. If you've been given contact information, feel free to give the council member a call and have a chat about your proposal. The most important thing is to have the city clerk put the proposal on the docket for an upcoming city council meeting. I don't think there is any reason not to use the Providence ordinance as a model, since it is very well thought out. Good luck!
Well, I have been in contact with the ACO and just dropped off the ordinance change that I typed up. He seemed very happy to put things thru. He has some more updates for some ordinances and said that the chicken ordinance will go in with those changes for the next council meeting. I added ducks to the change. I know many folks in EP have ducks. I see them all the time.
I will be at the next meeting to make sure all goes well.

Fingers crossed!

Does anyone know what happened with this? I just bought a house in EP and am so sad to know my dreams of having chickens may be smashed by my home purchase in a town that does not allow chickens. :(

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