How to give fluids and food to sick chick?


8 Years
May 6, 2011
Gig Harbor, Washington
I have a very sick 12 week or so polish, in quaranteen now, its been 3 days, there was a second one that wasnt well but that one was well enough to drink sulmet water and appears to be fine now. The 1st was worse off and I have tried dipping its beak but a m afraid of not giving fluids correctly and its not getting much. I also wonder if its ok to put vitamins in the sulmet water? I have tried to search for info but there is so much and unless I'm doing it wrong, endless amounts of posts that you have to search through. Wondering if I can mix chicken food and medicine water and vitamins made very runny and put at the back of the throat or how do people accidently get the stuff into their lungs? Thanks so much
You can syringe vitamin water into their beaks. I don't know if Sulmet can be individually dosed or not. Just don't shoot it in. I let it dribble in from the front of the beak. Definitely easier said than done though. For feed, you need to make a mash with yogurt or mix in some scrambled egg.
Thanks, that is the way I was doing the medicine, I ended up losing the little chicken, I just wanted to make sure I was doing it right. One made it and is back with the flock but this one had always been weaker. I am not sure where the hole is that goes into the lungs. Thanks for the info.,

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