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May 27, 2011
Hi All,
I am new here (and new to keeping chickens) and was wondering if there was a special way to give treats to the chickens. I have pullets and tried to give them some cut up cucumber and red pepper and they didn't touch it. I just tossed it into the run. Do I need to put it in their feeder, or do other people have a special container to put the treats in? Or do they just need to get used to it? I only got them yesterday.

Thanks for your help, I just want make sure I keep them as happy as possible!!
I am pretty new myself and only had my chickens a few months. They are 11-12 weeks now. I have only given them corn on the cob and strawberry tops and they went right to them. With in 5 min all was gone. I just threw it in the run with them. Some of the strawberries I did hold out and they took from me. That is my only expirence with food other than their feed. I'm sure you will get more replies with lots of good suggestions. Good luck and welcome!!
from Ohio Hi, I've been keeping:cd chickens just about 12 years, still learning new things daily!
I started giving treats when my pullets were peeps, after seeing the stuff their momma-hen showed them to eat.
now it's a daily ritual, my serving an afternoon treat while hubby & I sit ouside & chat. I toss diced fruit & veggies, table scraps on the ground. My chickens free-range, so they love the game of hide & seek!
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