how to go about introducing human imprints?

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    Nov 4, 2008
    we have a little fuzzy buff colored problem. little Archy is 25 and 1/2 hours old LMAO,two more bator eggs are hatching,one pipped,one zipping. last night Archy wouldn't sleep alone, so i went out and brought in one of the RIR chicks we had just gotten yesterday as a sleepover buddy,they were both quite happy, and slept all night..

    anyways, as much as i adore my little baby Archy, he can't, (i say HE because becca and i both think he's a roo, big comb already!..)stay inside forever, i took him out to put his sleep over buddy back, and so he could play with the other chicks. the ages are similar, the 3 6week olds, buff brahma,and two light brahmaxEE's,1 3week old blue cochin,4 9day old golden comets,6 3 day old barred rocks,the 6 2 day old RIRs, and Templeton and Elliot who are 10 days old..even though he quickly made friends with one of the barred rock baby roos, he would follow his friend for a few inches,then come running back to me and tuck himself into my curled hand like mommas feathers. yes, i love it! i didn't realize how tame human imprints were!

    the only one to pick on him, was one of the RIRs, it kept pecking at his feet, so i gently grabbed its neck or back fuzz and clucked and gave a shake, it seemed to work, the chick wasn't hurt and seemed to get the message..

    at any rate, i want Archy to stay tame, but he HAS to live with the others, should i just wait until he and the other chicks when they hatch are a few days old, and just toss them in there, or take them out every day for a bit?

    will they stay imprinted to me if I go out several times a day with them, or will they imprint with the other chicks?

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