How to grow Basil in not so hot climate!


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Hi everyone I've been trying to grow basil for a long time but it hasn't been working so I decided to talk to an expert who gave me some tips and I put all his/my ideas together and now I have made a successful small scale basil grower! I call my invention the Basil Dazzle!

Step One!

Make a mark roughly two centimetres above ground on a plastic cup

Step Two!

Heat up a nail!

Step Three!

Melt a hole with the hot nail where the mark was made

Step Four!

Pour water into the plastic cup until it starts coming out of the hole

Step Five

Place a plant pot into the plastic cup

Step Six

Please click on photo for larger image
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Nov 10, 2010
NE Wisconsin
That looks like you would cook the basil in it! At least here in WI, during the summer you would.
Congratulations on your creativity and wishing you continued success in growing Basil.

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