How to handle and reintroduce the victim of bullying


Nov 2, 2018
North Alabama
We have 2 Easter Eggers, 2 Leghorns, 2 Buff Orpingtons and 2 Barred rocks that are that are 21 weeks. They all seemed to get along well until the beginning of this week. One Easter Egger was being bullied I believe on the roost by a Leghorn, who was our first layer at 17 weeks. Blood was drawn on the EE at her tail feather / lower back area. We were able to separate her within the coop and apply antibiotic spray. She escaped our separate area once and blood was drawn again even though you can not see a wound or blood but missing feathers but not bare skin. We now have it secure. The second time blood was drawn I saw blood on the beak of both Leghorns.
We are letting her out in the run with heavy supervision keeping the others from pecking at her, which has worked. All but the other EE want to mess with her. We let her spend part of the day yesterday in the run with the other EE and that was fine. We then let the others out but still under heavy supervision. She did not get pecked but they all wanted to get at her in some way and not always at her back but even her neck and face, which do not have any injuries.
The injured EE has always lived in her own world not bothering the others much but kind of walks around by herself and just stares out beyond the run. She also interacts with the others but her personality is a little different and a bit more of a loaner.
We will continue to keep her separated until she heals completely and continue doing what we are doing. I just wonder if she will ever be accepted and if there is anything we can do to have her be accepted?

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