How to hatch guineas???

The Farm

6 Years
Oct 16, 2013
Luther, OK
Over the weekend I as given three dozen guinea eggs. I need to know the temp my bater need to be at. (it is a lil giant still air)
What does the humidity need to be at? And they hatch in 26 days right? And any tips will be of great help.
Hey hun, just saw this, cant believe no one has offered you their 2 cents but here is mine.
Get your incubator warm and hunidity to 65 set in eggs on a turner and monitor them temp and humidity. Keep lid closed! Candle in 12 days for fertility. At day 26 take off turner fill all water trays with water and close it. Do not open it until all keets are hatched. They can live off egg food for 3 days.

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