how to help hens use the nest box

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    SO we moved to a new place with our 2 yr old hens, 3 Barred Rck, 2 Rhode Isl Reds., it has this awesome coop already built. my question for his forum is whether I should take out the inner floor, or portion thereof, and make a nest perch ???
    currently as you can see the nest boxes are on the same level as the raised floor. one and occasionally two of the BRs are laying on the floor, which would not be a big concern but the RIRs are not laying at all and have become incessant egg eaters!! blasted beasts!! (they are quarantined for now) plus I have about 15 new pullets I will soon integrate to the flock and coop.

    I have put some rocks in the corners where they lay to try and deter them, to no avail. I have modified the nest boxes so they are "roll-out" boxes. they work great when the hens use them . I know I can make he boxes a little darker by getting the rear roll-out opening covered and perhaps the fronts too and that might make them more inviting. The roll-outs really prevent using any bedding material.


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    I'd put some front lips on those boxes and put some bedding and fake eggs in the until they get used to them and the new coop,
    then remove the bedding to take advantage of the roll away feature.
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    Agreed, bedding, nesting materials, dead grass, they can arrange and mine throw it over their back "after" they lay...makes them very happy. They would hate sand here. i had a bantam wanting to come in the house to lay today. I put a landcape fabric curtain on the box i had moved and shown her 5 times before. she was getting so upset...curtain worked!

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