how to identify who laid what egg

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    When you have several chickens of the same age and breed, how do you know which hen laid which egg? Or which hens are laying? We're getting our first chicks from MPC in about a week. One of them will be easy, since we only have one white egg layer in the group. But three will lay brown eggs (two speckled sussex and one wyandotte) and two of them will be EE. Are there any tricks other than being very observant and seeing who's sitting in the nest box just before an egg magically appears?
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    "The best one I heard of was from this cite a couple of years ago. the short version is to use different colors of lipstick on the vents. the lipstick will kark the egg. With your numbers I would suggest banding a few, mark their vent Repeat with a a couple of days later. Now the best part. Be sure to put the lipstick back into the purse after each use."

    This is a quote from another answer on this site. It made me smile! Type 'lipstick' into the search box. There are lots of ideas.

    Once your girls start laying you will quickly learn to recognize which egg is from which hen.
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    Lipstick is a great idea. You can also use food coloring - whatever makes you happiest.

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