how to incubate and hatch call duck eggs


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Sep 25, 2019
i've owned 2 male call ducks for about 2 years but after a fox attack last fall i had to get a new partner for chuck the duck. i was fortunate enough to find and convince a farmer off an old craigslist ad to let go of a female the same age as chuck. the farmer told me the ducks would mate like crazy right when i introduced them but it wasn't until a month or so ago that they started to get busy. then about 3 weeks ago the female ( poppin' ) started laying eggs again. my question is how the heck do i find out if the eggs are fertile and furthermore how do i incubate the eggs. Can someone please tell me what the incubation time frame is, what temps and humidity to use, how much weight the eggs should be lossing weekly and how often you rotate them?? ive read call ducks are very hard to hatch, the more ornate the harder, and might require assistance?? what that entails would be great as well ! ive hatched chicken eggs so i understand the basics. any info would be great!

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