How to introduce chick to grown chickens


Jul 18, 2016
I'm sure this has been asked before so I apologize in advance! A few months ago we were given 2 full grown chickens who have been together from very early on and they get along great. 6 weeks ago we were given a 2 day old chick who has spent her time indoors in her box, etc. we've recently started trying to introduce the chick (supervised of course) to the big girls since they will be sharing a coop. Our the silkie is indifferent to the chick, but the speckled Sussex gets very aggressive with her and has pinned her down and pecked at her and will peck at us when we try to remove the baby from her area. She NEVER pecks at us, so that is very odd too! What can we do to ensure they will all get along? I'm worried that we won't ever be able to let baby in the coop with them and will have to get her a separate one!
I have never personally introduced different chickens but i think you should put them in a side by side run so your aggresive one can realize the chick is sharing there coop. And you should have extra food and waterers due to the fact that they may try to block their food.And have small hiding spaces so if one gets rowdy they can hide and let the other one calm down.
You have some good advice. I would try and get a couple more chicks of the same age. Not only will this ease integration but it will give your existing chick some pals to hang out with, whilst they are growing up. These links may help in terms of devising a strategy that suits you.

Good luck
I'm still trying to introduce my two pullets to my 4 hens, I already got them comtorable with my cockerel. Most of the time they don't bother each other but on an occasion one of my hens will charge at my pullets
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