how to introduce rooster to my hens..

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    Mar 25, 2013
    Yesterday I went and picked up two rooster. With the idea that I am only going to keep the friendliest one. How to I introduce them to my small flock of hens? Right now their free range on the outside of my coop/run. The girls are locked in. and having a fit about the boys being outside. They keep walking the edge of the coop making lots of noises. How long should I leave them separated and what the easiest way to put them together. I'm almost done with their final coop a 5 by 12 with 4 nest boxes and a tree branch roost. Should I just wait until I can move them in the finally coop? Or do it now before it done? Right now their in an old dog house which is 2 by 4. Also in my of my pulletz is laying so how long until I can hatch her eggs?
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    Introduce the roosters to your hens through a fence for a few weeks. Then let them meet in an open area. Your pullets' eggs can be hatched out when the eggs are fully sized and the correct shape.

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