how to intruduse a new year old hen to my flock ? my cicks are little over 4 months but laying

see but don't touch for a while. Then pick a middle of the road bird, not the bottom bird of the pecking order, and put her in with the new bird for a while. There might be a flurry, but unless there is blood let them work it out. Leave them together for a good week. Then introduce the pair to the flock. If one of your flock is a real bully and very aggressive, put her in the pen the other two were in for a week until the flock is settled down, then add her back in.

A single hen addition is about the worse one to do.

Mrs K
so I guess the fact she will be older wont matter ?
Ill let ya know how it goes
Thank you ! Mrs K
It would matter if the younger ones were not laying, and it might still matter if you don't have too many 4 month old chicks.

Generally age trumps youth, but for the most part, laying hens are mature, and it really does not make much difference. This has more effect with laying hens and chicks.

Hens in home territory trump newcomers.

The number in the old flock vs the number in the newcomers, if you are adding more newcomers than old flock, that helps. If you are adding less newcomers than old flock, that hurts.

Size: Bigger trumps smaller

Mrs K
My new rock is doing well even made a friend :)
she's missing feathers on her belly and bum but I cleaned her up


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