how to keep a chicken busy?

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    Apr 20, 2013
    I have a few chickens that I keep in a small coop. Since the ground of the coop has no grass in it, I try to put my chickens out in a pen with grass during the day. But what about the times that I'm gone and can't put them out. I hate to see them so bored inside their coop. What can I do to entertain them?
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    Chickens LOVE treats! You can give then some frozen watermelon! Also you can find a vegetable they like to eat and hang it up by a string in their coop.They will run up and peck at it then get scared but always come back.This keeps them entertained for hours :)Also chickens love to eat plain cooked noodles they will play with it for a while and then eventually eat it!Chickens also like to climb so if you don’t already have a couple things for them to jump on maybe you could get some? Hope I helped!
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    Aug 4, 2013
    Try attaching a secure run to the coop so they can go outside with or without you. Make sure it is secured top bottom and sides so nothing can get in to harm them. Some secure the bottom with chicken wire to allow them to have access to scratch yet it prevents things from digging under. Also, research the deep litter method. Many on this site use this not only to prolong clean out periods, but also to allow them to scratch threw their litter for good bugs. I don't use either of these methods as I free range so I can't give you details, however if you do a search on either of those methods you will find many that do and they will give great advice on what worked for them.

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