How to keep my Hens cool with temps in the 90s


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May 11, 2011
Living in NC you would think the temperture would be normal this time of year, but NO... My hens are getting very warm and I don't know how to cool them off, making it less stressful for them. I had thought a small pool, but my husband said no they aren't those kind of birds. I hope that someone will have some advice on this. My girls walk around with their wings opened alittle, mouth open, and some are more complainers then others. My roosters are futher down behind my girls and their area is very cool for them. I thought about switching them around but that wouldn't work since I have more hens than roosters. I have put up shade by using tarps and pvc. That seems to help some. They don't seem to drink much water when it's hot, none of them do.... Anyway is there a way to cool them off???????
I have very shallow pans filled with water...some birds will stand in it. I also have misters set up and they walk under it or stand close. I know people place frozen bottles of water in the runs and of course feed cold treats.
I live in East Tennesse, so we are pretty close. If I'm right Humidity is your main problem, right? I plan to install an exhaust fan to replace one of the vents in my girls' coop. That should pull enough air to increase airflow through their coop and thus keep them more comfortable. Hope this helps.
Shade, good air flow and fresh water. That should be all they need. Chickens can live in much warmer climates than where you are. Sure they will get hot but as long as you don't force them to be in the sun all day long they should be fine.
I provide shade and cold water. If I know it's going to be hot I try and spray down the ground at night so it's cooler the next day. The behavior you describe sounds like my Cochin, she was wandering around in the direct sun in the hottest part of the day with her mouth open looking distressed. Meanwhile everyone else was in the shade napping... I put out ice water by some shade and watermelon and she went and had some and then went into the shade. I hope she's really not so stupid she'll stand in the sun and let herself overheat when there is plenty of shade and cool spots available.

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