How to know if incubated egg is dead?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by lyndatu, Jan 23, 2009.

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    In the last several weeks our hen Danica became broody so we decided to put 4 eggs of my other hens under her. Just yesterday we found a little chick chirping about under her, but she is still sitting on the nest. The 3 eggs are not yet hatched. I was planning to put her inside a small quarantine coop with her chicks to keep them safe from harsh weather and predators, but since the eggs have not hatched I let her stay in her nest in the bush until they hatch. But it's been a day and the other eggs still have not hatched. I'm worried about the little chick because we are having some harsh weather here. It's been 22 days of incubation. How do I know if the eggs are still alive?

    Thanks in advance!
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    She'll know when she is done sitting. Give it a day or two more and she'll bring her chick off the nest more. When she does if the eggs aren't hatched have a look and a listen, and if no go don't put them back. Mama chooks aren't like bators, they know when its time to move on... hope that helps!??
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    If it has bee really cold the eggs may need a bit more time. I would Let her sit for at least a day more. Since you set them all together they should not be all that far apart in hatching as you might find if she had laid the eggs herself. I think you could take a chance and move her the chick and the eggs to a safe place. She will most likely not leave her chick so the eggs can most likely be safely moved along with them. I would hate it if she got this far and some predator finds her. Its a hard call but I always err on the side of safety for the Mom and the one chick you already have. There is a very good chance that she will stick to the nest if you move her.
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    Thank you everyone! [​IMG]

    I'll give her another day to sit on her eggs. I hope the eggs are alive........ Yes, I am looking forward to putting her and her nest in the quarantine coop, but I'm afraid that she might not sit on the eggs anymore if I do it early. I'll just wait until the eggs hatch or when she leaves the nest.

    Thanks again!

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