How to make a coop look like a shed....


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Mar 25, 2011
Oakland County, MI
So this building was being converted into a chicken coop. I had big plans on keeping my 7 birds there and the breeds I could get into with the size of all this! Well - chickens are not allowed where I live, shock and awe. I truly had no idea so how to turn this into a stealthy coop. One neighbor said its going to make a hell of a storage shed and he was glad someone was finally doing something with it. We agree.

It WAS going to be 1/2 coop and 1/2 fenced in, covered by the roof run. Where those 2x4s are crossing under the roof is where the building wall ends and the run starts. Now I'm considering closing it in on all sides except for the Left side where its truly out of sight. I have 5 silkies and 1 stunted Polish pullet, I am rehoming my polish roo. Do you think having the one side open is enough? The backside would be look like a shed to the neighbors behind and to the R behind of us. This building is a good distance from the neighbor next to me on the R side. I'm attempting to make nice with our neighbors but haven't had a chance to really talk to anyone other htan a wave but I'm working that aspect too. The guy behind me isn't as close as it looks Btw - he told me the neighbors 2 doors down have pheasants. He said he enjoys the noises they make so this could be interesting. When I stand back there I hear lots of birds and those pheasants.

We're hoping to finish this up over the holiday weekend, my chickens are outgrowing their brooder in the garage.

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I say build the 1/2 that will be the "hen house" fully walled... and maybe build the sides that are run to be 1/2 a wall high, with hardware cloth up the the roof, and then "cover" that with lattice to create a privacy type block of view? Then plant the bejeezus out of the sides with neighbors, and leave the one side that no one can see open. That's all I got. lol
since its a stealth coop why not do a side shifting idea I had? when I build my coop I was going to make inclosed on two side and since the run is so long I was going to split half into storage. the half of the length is going to be one 24' sliding door to cover the fence and block out wind. that way I can have just one end open in the worst of winter. for your use I see a couple of 12' doors that would split your building length in half and then you can close up the view and noise if anyone is complaining.
gonna be big.....i like yetti's idea about the sliding doors to close it up. do half walls so they will be hidden in the run area...........of course for what that coops gonna cost you could 6 ft privacy fence the whole yard:D
Whichever neighbor can see it, build a fake front. The heck with um and feed um fish heads (your neighbors, not your chicks).
Not sure what the reason is you can't have the chickens in that neighborhood, but I assume it's something to do with zoning. You could write a petition to have the zoning changed, get a bunch of signatures from your neighbors first then bring it to the town. You would be surprised at how easy the zoning could be changed.
I'm going to check into changing the zone laws but I'm the new kid in town. I hear roo's etc all around me, I'm not sure if its just not enforced here or what? Maybe everyone claims the MRTFA? I moved from a very suburban area, small yards etc where chickens ARE allowed to a much more rural area and wth? We're hoping to finish this long holiday weekend, or at least get close. With what this is going to cost, my dh is of course nervous of spending the money and getting shut down. The farmer market is in 2 weeks and I plan on asking some questions there. More pics to follow of course, though I can tell you it'll be a work in progress.

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