How to mark eggs for broody?

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    I was told to mark eggs so I know witch ones are "the ones she's been sitting" not just random eggs... so with what do you mark them? I thought about a sharpie but then am worried that mabe ink will go through egg and hurt development somehow. Thank-you for your suggestions everyone [​IMG]
    I'm gonna put them under her today [​IMG]
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    Apr 14, 2010
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    I used a pencil. It doesn't rub off and is pretty safe.
    Avoid markers or anything that might contaminate the egg and possibly affect the development of the chick.

    BTW. I put some range eggs under a broody and she hatched out 7 of 11 over the weekend. They're late in the year but they still hatched and are happy and lively lil fuzzy butts.
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