How to mark male quail?


11 Years
Jun 21, 2008
So my boys are starting to crow, and I want to be able to identify which ones are male at a glance so I know how many I will keep, and how many for breeding. What should I use to "mark" the ones that are male? I don't have any leg bands that go that small.

What do all you guys do?
I use zip ties also. You can buy them in many different colors from any automotive parts store. (autozone, napa, checkers, etc. I bet the area Walmart has them in the automotive section of the store)
I have a can of 5 colored zipties from the hardware store for led banding, boys get blue. Once I decide which are breeders and which go to the grow out pen, breeders get a yellow and blue. Hens get pink and then green for keepers. If you vent sex as chicks, you can get a food color marker set, and put a dot on them, boys blue, girls purple, I cant seem to even get mini zip ties on newborn chick feet.
& yes they will pull down to nothing but leave them loose on there legs.

It seems like everyone has the same questions all at once around here. I use the zip strips also but for quail I would only mark my hen breeders because everyone else is going to be dinner & I don't think the zip strips taste very good. I have used them to bake but not for taste.

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