How to mark newly hatched chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by fresheggs4u, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Dec 6, 2007
    Okay here is the problem. I am over run with babies! I purchased 50 Cornish x chicks and all was well. Them my grandson took an incubator to school and 8 hatched there. And then I ,yes me myself and I, wanting some black autrolorps so now 14 have hatched today.....then the kicker the hatchery that I purchased the Cornish x from shipped mr 50 more accidentally. They don't want them back. So all are within a week old off each other some mixed. I want to keep the autrolorp marked.... How do I do that? So I keep them. I guess if I can feed the cx I will have a freezer full in about 8 weeks. Maybe a neighbor will share the wealth ! So the question after do I keep the black austrolorps marked as they grow without yet another brooder? That's for your help!. I also have 12 turkey eggs incubating. Lol
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    Green food coloring?

    Leg bands?

    Your cornish cross are not white or red?
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    I have a similar situation I have over 102 eggs that are bing incubated all different breeds and I want to keep them marked so i know who os who. I bought the spiral leg bands in different sizes I bought size 4 for when they are very small and then a size up when they get a bit bigger after that I should be able to tell as they will be feather out.
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    Your Australorp are black with black legs and white feet pads. I wouldn't think any other marker is needed for them. I'll be hatching out all blue, black, and splash chicks in a few days. 1/3 should have white feet pads-mostly Orpington, another 1/3 will be a Rock cross with yellow feet. To mark the 1/3 pure Plymouth Rocks I plan on using bag ties loosely on legs. That or nail polish on a toe nail. The real trick is going to be dividing the incubator so the pure Rocks don't mingle after hatching until I mark them. Could you imagine awaking in morning to a bunch of intermingled same color chicks that hatched over night?
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    I like the finger nail polish idea. I assume I should use anything but red or reddish colors to prevent pecking. Wouldn't the bread ties cause walking trouble? I tried zip pie ties once and they fell off too easy. I also tried very small dental rubber bands.

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