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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by farmergirl96, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Jun 16, 2011
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    Hello all, [​IMG]
    Maybe some of you read my post almost three weeks ago about if I should let my black star (or maybe black autralorp--I can't tell) go broody. I decided to let her, and she hasn't given up so far. They're due Thursday.

    So my dad made me an awesome nesting box, and I cleaned out a little coop and run to use for my hen (Chadwick) today. Now I'm wondering how to move her. I've already tried once and she's very stubborn. are my questions:
    1.) Do I have to do it after dark? (I think I read that somewhere)
    2.) Should I move the eggs before or after I move her
    3.) Do any of you guys know any special techniques I could use? The nesting box is rather small, so I think it will be hard to move her.

    Thank you to all! I'd love everybodys advice, even if you don't think you're an expert! [​IMG]

  2. SuziQ991

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    Aug 18, 2009
    Well I am truly no expert but here is what I did. I tried moving her several times to another coop and she would get off the nest every time. So I waited until her first chick hatched and moved her. No problems then. Good luck and keep us informed.
  3. tiffanya

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    Jul 10, 2010
    Quote:I did the exact same thing. She shouldn't put up a fight after there is a chick she has to care for, but I lost eggs trying to move her before a chick hatched.
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    Apr 24, 2010
    My black austerlop went broody at about the same time, mine are due wed. I made a box as well about 21 in x 14 in. I left her in the main coop, on the floor , in the box the whole time . I think I will just pick up the whole box and move it to my smaller coop and run. It's a 4 ft x 8 ft coop and 8 ft x 15 ft run. That butts up to my large run. This is my first broody as well and I havent seen her even come out of the box 1time. I would love to just leave them in with the flock is that possible or do I need to fence them off from the others? I will probably move mine early in the morn when I leave for work or I may just fence off a small part of coop for them and not move her at all just build a small area around the nest box I made.
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    Although it's possible to allow a broody to stay in her home coop with her flock, I think it's ideal to either barricade her or move her to separate quarters. That way she can't get lost on her way back from a break and start setting on a different clutch of eggs, nor can other hens get into her nest to lay their eggs there.

    I've found it best to move the hen well after dark, and try to make the move as smooth & seamless as possible. If you can move her entire nest box do that. In some instances I've slid a sheet of cardboard under the straw of the nest and lifted everything out at once. Otherwise, just work carefully. I don't think it matters if you move the hen or the eggs first, or move some of the eggs, then move the hen, then add the rest of the eggs. Once the hen is reunited with her eggs in the new location she should settle back on them.

    I've found that it helps to drape feed sacks, or lean cardboard against the new cage, to keep the lighting dim & prevent the hen from seeing much outside. After a few days, if the hen stays in place, you can increase the light a little.

    There are some hens who won't tolerate being moved at all, others could be strapped to a rocket and blasted to the moon and upon crash-landing would immediately look for some moon rocks to begin incubating.

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