How to move turkeys outside


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Aug 31, 2011
I have 2 9 week old royal palm turkeys I have kept them in a huge dog cage ever since we got them. I would like to let them sleep in their coop that we bought for them,however I left them out there this evening one would not stop screaming the other was on the perch. So needless to say they are back in the house sleeping. any suggestions on how to get them to sleep out there??? I am fine with them in the house as well! I have never raised turkeys before or chickens!
Maybe lock them in their coop for a week...starting during the day
Or move them out at night when it's dark out so hopefully they'll just go to sleep. Or put treats in there so they are busy. Sometimes you just need to let them cry, hard as it is. As long as they aren't in danger of hurting themselves.
what can I give them as a treat? I am going to try that! I think they are ready to stay out but I think they has gotten used to the routine they were on!
Take the whole crate out there. They can go back into the crate if they want to. Give them several days to adjust.

By the way, bring them inside if they scream and they have trained you to bring them in when they want in.
So update on my rp I put them in their coop at 8 they did great cried for maybe 5 mins!!!! I think they like it!
Yes it was! I go out and hold them about 3 or more times a day! Theydotht seem to really care they are happy to be outside!

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